365 Bible Stories

365 Bible Short Stories to enjoy sharing the Bible with your kids.

365 Bible Short Stories to enjoy sharing the Bible with your kids.

  • 365 Bible Stories app provides a daily illustrated short Bible story for your Family and School with Kids under 7.
  • An easy way to talk about Jesus and God with your children.
  • For kids from 0 to 6 years old. Parents and teachers tested.
  • A FREE New Story Every Day.
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What is the 365 Bible Stories app?

  • This free app provides you a daily illustrated Bible story in simple words and with beautiful pictures.
  • With stories from God’s creation of the world to the life of the early church, it is a perfect Bible for bedtime or anytime.
  • Age appropriate for kids aged 0 to 6 years old.
  • The app, the daily Bible story and some of the last Bible stories are free, but you can share this ministry by buying the in-app purchase to upgrade to the premium version, which includes the complete set of 365 Bible Stories and some new engaging features.

What’s in it for me?

  • If you need a tool to start reading the Bible with your kids, this app is for you.
  • If you want to keep your kids engaged in the Bible Stories, give it a try.
  • If you are looking for a faithful resource for effective teaching, you have found it!

How can I know my kids and me will like these Bible Stories?

  • Just try it for free! Download the app and begin reading today.
  • Many families and teachers have already tested them.
  • +2.500.000 families and schools have downloaded our kid’s Bible apps worldwide.


All of the stories contain text that is faithful to a full Bible translation while being retold in a way that is appropriate for the 0-6 years old age range.
Here are some of the stories you will read:

    • God makes man and woman
    • Noah builds the ark
    • God choses Abraham
    • A mother for baby Moses
    • David fights the giant
    • Jonah is sent to Nineveh
    • Daniel in the lion’s den
    • Peter is afraid
    • Jesus is alive!
    • The Holy Spirit comes

And 355 more stories!
All content is strictly Bible based and non-denominational.

How the 365 Bible Stories users use the app

Set aside a regular time each day for reading the Bible story.

  • At home! Perfect for bedtime or anytime.
  • On a trip! Read the story and comment on it with your kids.
  • At school! Enjoy the app in style for your lessons at Sunday School.

Testimonials on the 365 Bible Stories app

“The stories are biblically faithful and the app is fun and easy to use.”

“This app helps us to talk about the Bible stories with our kids, and helps them learn how to apply them to their own lives.”

“Very refreshing and pleasant way of sharing Bible with children. A good tool for kid’s ministers too.”


  • Universal app.
  • Quick start and easy to use.
  • A new FREE Bible story every day.
  • You can use it offline if you’ve downloaded the stories beforehand.
  • Connect your device to a projector to use at school.
  • Premium version includes:

  • Access to all 365 Bible stories.
  • Set your reading time: a catchy tune will ring at the time you choose.
  • Mark your favourite stories as favourites.
  • Share the stories by email.
  • Restore your Premium version on all your iOS devices with the same Apple ID.


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