Children’s Bible Books & Movies

An easy way to enjoy sharing the Bible with your kids.

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Children’s Bible Books & MoviesApp Store4.0

Children’s Bible is an app which contains picture books, comics and movies with Bible stories for children and teenagers.

  • A good tool to start reading the Bible and an easy way to talk about Jesus and God with your kids.
  • From your very first Bible for your baby to the most amazing Bible comics for your Teens!
  • In this app you will find Bible picture books, comics and movies for children all ages from 0 to 19yo.
  • Every week one new free content for every age range (0-3yo, 3-5yo, 4-7yo, 8-12yo and teenager).
  • On the top of rankings in more than 130 countries!

How Children’s Bible users use the app

  • At home! Use Children’s Bible picture books, comics, movies and texts for your children’s bedtimes.
  • On a trip! Children’s Bible stories are a good tool make your kids enjoy your conmutes.
  • At school! Parents and teachers can use Children’s Bible contents at school and at Sunday Schools lessons.
  • In the car! Your kid will have a funny trips with the family playing Children’s Bible movies.

Children’s Bible features

  • App and contents in 7 languages: english, french, spanish, italian, german, portughese and catalan.
  • The contents can be previewed for free and bought within the app, with the in-app-purchase Apple sytem.
  • You can connect your iPhone, iPod-Touch or iPad to a projector, a computer or a television monitor to read picture books, comics and texts and watch movies in style. At home, at school or at the Sunday School!

Catholic and protestant Children’s Bible titles

  • 0-3yo: Baby’s First Bible, The Toddler Bible (Noah, Joseph, Moses…) and more.
  • 3-5yo: My First Picture Bible (Samuel, Goliath, Jonah…), Who made the morning? and more.
  • 4-7yo: My Storytime Bible and more.
  • 8-12yo: Children’s Bible comics, movies and texts (David, Samuel, Elijah…), Children’s Bible Psalms and more.
  • Teens: The Genesis, Babylon, The Christ and more.
Your puchases on all your devices – Once you buy a content, you will retain the purchase forever. Tap “Settings” and then “Restore purchases” to restore your contents on all your devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) with the same Apple ID.


My girls love this app and they enjoy learning about God. It’s easy to read and my 2 year old loves the pictures and my 9 year old reads it alone everyday. Love it!


My son and I read the full childrens bible over the course of a few months at bedtime. The stories and drawings are very well done. He not only learned about god, but also learned to read. I highly recommend this book.



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